Surprise Weddings are absolutely awesome fun. The planning can be a little bit stressful – “keeping mum” is the hardest part – that, and not making a slip-up!!

However, over the years I’ve picked up a few very handy hints that might help you make YOURS the complete success you’re aiming for!

Some I have learnt the hard way, others have come as a result of a bit of “risk analysis”, and the rest are just common sense.

See what you think!

I’d love it if you could add any more in the comments section; or even just add your own experience to help others 🙂

Surprise Weddings – Forewarned is forearmed!!

1. If the occasion could appear to be quite ordinary, such as an odd numbered birthday or a Hat Party on Leap Year Day, be warned that some people, who you may really want to be there, may not come just because it doesn’t seem that important. Those people might need a little hint to make sure they turn up!!

2. Will there be any older people there who might get such a shock that it could end up with a medical consequence such as a heart attack?

3. Will there be someone who could be really “miffed” at not being included in the preparation of the wedding? Could have long term consequences 🙁

4. Will there be anyone who might be offended at not being included in the wedding as an attendant/witness because you have been so keen to make it a surprise for them? Once again, long term consequences 🙁

5.Will parents (or children) be cross that “outsiders” such as witnesses knew but that their own family did not? Another possible long term consequence…

6. A rehearsal is absolutely of paramount importance; and make sure everyone who is in on the surprise can be in attendance – including the music person!! Preferably on site, but if that’s not possible, then at least SOMEWHERE beforehand. It’s more of a tech run than a rehearsal! 

7. Have the ceremony as close to the start of the function as possible if alcohol is involved, so that guests (and participants) are in the necessary state of sobriety to enjoy and/or take part in the ceremony!!

8. Hire a pro to bounce ideas off so you’re not tempted to “let the cat out of the bag”!!!

9. Engage a great celebrant who will embrace your ideas and have the experience and professionalism to carry it off!!

10. Have a blast!!!!

Just a Couple of My Success Stories!!!!
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