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A Bouquet for The Bride


Each family member is given a long-stemmed rose as they arrive and asked to make a wish for the couple.

The celebrant says words along the lines of – I believe family members have each been presented with a long-stemmed rose and been asked to touch them with their love.

The flowers will form the Wedding Bouquet and will be kept as a keepsake.

These stunning flowers are symbolic in many ways, each on its own is singularly beautiful, but together they present an exceptional display.

Just as our beautiful couples are both special, and separately offer strength, companionship, consideration and love; in bonding together in marriage, they present a base filled with harmony, friendship, love, warmth and stability, thus creating a solid foundation on which they can build and cherish their dreams for a lifetime of togetherness. (XXX will now collect the flowers and present them to our lovely bride/groom/partner).

(Couple to provide roses / colour of their own choice).