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Naming Ceremony

A Naming Ceremony is often associated with little babies, much like a Baptism or a Christening.

However, there is no age limit for a Naming Ceremony.

Generally it is considered a rite of passage as you introduce your new little human into the family/community/ society, and is often combined with a 1st birthday celebration – the Naming first – with just a few guests – and then later the other guests arrive to help celebrate the birthday.


Yvonne Wood - Naming Ceremony

However, a Naming (or whatever description you would like to give it) can be a significant event after a Citizenship Ceremony, or after having changed your name after a divorce, or simply as a fresh start.

The choices are limited only by your imagination!

Naming Ceremony prices are available on application. Please contact me for your personalised quote tailored for the perfect Naming Ceremony.