The funeral was for a dear friend’s husband who, like so many, was taken far too early by that wretched disease – #fuckcancer

His farewell was all that he could have wanted, plus more. Everyone was dressed in bright, outrageous, ridiculous colours, thongs and stubbies, and there were so many heartfelt tributes from his close mates from the Soccer Club – on whose hallowed turf we held the ceremony – the Golf Club President, his best mate – Ando, and then to top it all off, a musical tribute from 2 of his young mates who bravely played “Gloria” – Andy’s favourite “belt-out” song – to which everyone stood and sang along to. It was simply awesome!! And my friend Kate was pleased…

The four weddings – 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday – were all absolutely beautiful, and all so very different. I don’t generally do two weddings in one day, as I give so much of myself to each ceremony, it’s enough for me to just get home, pour myself a glass of wine, and collapse on the couch LOL However, it’s amazing what the human body – and mind – are capable of when you need to.

The first weddings on each day were for family friends.

On Saturday it was in the Alexandra Gardens in Kew for a young fella who has been a lifelong mate of my son’s, and whose family is intricately woven with our own through his remarkable grandad – a mighty man who is still sorely missed – years after his passing. We love you Ron xox

I then headed out to the Healesville Sanctuary to wed a fantastic couple who were lucky enough to find love a second time around. Their story was remarkable – and not just cos “the cougar” got her man LOL – but because they were both such good people, and SO deserved another chance at love and happiness – she especially – having tragically lost her 19 year old son in a car accident. This is something from which, as a mother, you never fully recover …

The early wedding on Sunday was for another family friend. The groom had been our employee for many years, and they too had found love the second time around, but this time there were a few complications – 9 children between them – 6 on the autism spectrum. Needless to say these two guys are absolute saints, and it was such a thrill to marry them in their own garden – transformed into a veritable fairyland – in front of such supportive and loving family and friends.

Leaving my husband behind (as I was coming back for the reception for this one), I headed out to the Yarra Valley to the magnificent Zonzo for another second marriage. This couple were amazing – she looked like an Italian goddess, and he looked like an Italian movie star!! This was a BIG wedding – in lots of ways. So much love, so much emotion, so much food, so much wine, so many people, so much great music. It really was like something off the set of a movie. So great to be a part of!

I snaked my way back to Rob and Damo’s reception, revved myself up with a couple of wines, but sadly couldn’t kick on – it WAS Sunday night after all

As I reflected on my Four Weddings and a Funeral, I felt extremely humbled by the part I was able to play in all five ceremonies. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you have reached – and sometimes exceeded – the expectations of your couples – as diverse and wide-ranging as they are. I truly have – THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!!!