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Renewal of Vows

We still do…

Renewing your vows is a fabulous way to reaffirm your commitment to one another and celebrate the fact that yep, you did indeed make the right choice!!

It is often done on a significant anniversary but does not need to be the case. Saying “we still do’ can bring some couples a deep sense of fulfilment after a traumatic experience or difficult period in their lives.

Renewal of Vows

One of the really lovely things about a vow renewal is that you can include your children and/or grandchildren (if you have them!) to make it even more special and inclusive.

A Renewal of Vows can be held at a whizz bang wedding venue with all the bells and whistles, or simply a simple private affair in your own garden, or anywhere – and anything – in between – the choice is yours.

Renewal of Vows prices are available on application. Contact me today for a perfect ceremony to celebrate the Renewal of your Vows.

Yvonne Wood Celebrant - Vow Renewals
Yvonne Wood Celebrant - Renewal of Vows
Yvonne Wood Celebrant - Vow Renewal Ceremony