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Rose Presentation


Another of my favourites!

In the Rose Ceremony, the couple give each other a rose (or flower/symbol of their choosing). It is usually towards the end of the ceremony just before being pronounced as a married couple – their first gift to each other as a married couple.

It can also be a ritual to include the mothers – or primary care givers – of the couple.

This occurs near the beginning of the ceremony, just after the celebrant’s welcome and introduction to the ceremony.

The Rose Gift is especially sweet and touching when it’s a surprise for the recipients. You may also write notes of love and gratitude, rolled up as a scroll, and attached to the roses with a ribbon. In these letters you can tell your mothers/caregiver how much they mean to you, tell them how much they have contributed to your lives, and thank them. Alternatively, you can give them to each other’s mother / caregiver and tell them how happy you are to be joining their family and thank them for the precious gift of their daughter / son and for making you feel so welcome, etc. (A great olive branch if there has been any friction!!)