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The Sharing of Wine


This would usually take place at the end of the ceremony.

All guests would have been provided with a glass of bubbly during the signing.

The celebrant would say something along the lines of – Family & Friends – we will now witness the couple sharing wine. They will entwine hands as they sip the wine.

The twining of hands is symbolic of the inter-relationship between their separate families and backgrounds. It also recognises the qualities they each contribute to the home they have created, so that together they are strengthened and equal to the needs of their tomorrows. (Couple to provide wine).

………… and …………………. may your love take root, deep and sturdy as a vine, as it flourishes to perfection, blending more splendidly through to your vintage years.
May you both share the wonders of nature and the world, through the winters and summers of your life together.
Friends and family, please raise your glasses to the very new “happily married couple” or words to that effect!!