Yvonne Wood - Three Weddings and a Funeral

I’m not going to make a habit of this, I promise! But last week I did some amazing ceremonies – let me tell you about them!

The first one was at Jell’s Park in Wheeler’s Hill. Mostly known for sporting activities (well, in MY household it is), the setting for Bree and Josh’s weekday wedding was quite magical. Amazing Limousines negotiated the narrow park roadways expertly, and deftly camouflaged the bride until we were ready for the big reveal!! Bree was preceded down the aisle not only by her maids, but also by their two adorable daughters – Ashlynn and Imogen. With son, Jai, already waiting at the ceremony spot with his dad, dressed identically – right down to the socks – to the men, Jai was a dapper little gent to say the least!!

On Friday I ventured out to the stunning Yarra Ranges Estate where Anna and Anton always go above and beyond to ensure their couples have a perfect day! This time the bride and groom were well known to me – as were the bridal party. In particular, one of the groomsmen – my own beautiful son!! This was a gloriously fun affair with heaps of laughter, lots of jokes – at the groom’s expense of course!! And a truckload of love for the couple. The bride, I have to say, even though a very attractive girl on any old day of the week, absolutely outdid herself! She was an absolute picture and literally “blew” all of our collective minds!!

Saturday saw me fill the tank with petrol and make my way down the Calder to Lancefield for Louise and Andrew’s wedding at Glen Erin Estate. This was another fun affair with most of the guests staying at the place so the festive air had already begun and the wedding was the icing on the cake – so to speak!! Lou and Andrew adore their fur babies so there was never any doubt that Coco and Biscuit would be a part of their big day. Coco behaved, but Biscuit (who, to be fair, is still only a relative pup) was a villain, and only had limited access to the festivities!!!

My funeral was not such a joyful occasion. Even though our aim was to celebrate the life, it’s very difficult when the deceased is the mother of one of your former brides, and she has not even celebrated her 60th birthday yet, AND her darling daughter is only a couple of months off giving birth to her first grandchild! Life is so bloody unfair sometimes – it makes me want to just scream, and kick, and cry … Anyway, hopefully I helped ease the family through the pain of saying goodbye. Having known her was a real blessing.

Well that’s about it. I’m going to leave you with a little video snap of Bryce and Sammi’s wedding party. Watches are by Tom Macrokanis of SLIK Watch Co. My bloke is the one with the abbreviated neckwear!!!