Yvonne Wood Wedding & Marriage Celebrant - Blogs - Top Tips for a Kick-A Wedding

  Someone asked me the other day, for my advice about having a really fabulous wedding.

I thought for a bit, and realised it’s not easy to put into just a few words, but here goes!

  1. Start planning about 12-18 months in advance (2 years if your date is a popular one), and make lists – lots of lists – or Excel spreadsheets!! There are heaps of free planning tools available online.
  2. Engage professional suppliers who you like and trust – especially your marriage celebrant and wedding photographer – they are with you for the most intimate parts of your day and your journey. If you love the cake but don’t like the cake maker, it won’t matter a jot; but you do need to love and trust your celebrant, and be uber-comfortable with your photographer.
  3. The first 3 suppliers that you should engage are venue, celebrant and photographer/videographer. The good ones will be booked-out first – especially in the busy Melbourne wedding months of February/March and October/November.
  4. Make sure you’re in love with your wedding dress! And that it’s comfortable!
  5. Make a realistic budget and stick to it. And if you want dance lessons, make sure you put them high on your list of non-negotiables.
  6. Don’t be “guiltied” into inviting people you don’t want there – an aunt you haven’t spoken to since you were 6, for example. Be judicious about who you invite – this is a privilege, not a right!
  7. Pick your best tribe – try not to fall into the trap of choosing your newest BF. Sisters or brothers, close relatives or long-term friends are the absolute best!!
  8. Have a Plan B – especially for an outdoor wedding! And take out insurance!!
  9. Take some time to think about your ceremony – this is what makes your day “a wedding”, and not just some big expensive party! Make sure it reflects you both. Your personalities/culture/traditions – a great celebrant will help you do this.
  10. Try and keep everything – ceremony, photos and reception – pretty close by. You don’t want to spend half the day traveling, instead of partying with your peeps.
  11. Factor in some time to be alone together – sunset photos with just your wedding photographer make a perfect opportunity for this.
  12. Make sure you eat and drink plenty of water! And go to the toilet before you leave for the ceremony!!!
  13. And last, but not least – #13 – lucky for some! Soak it all in! If you have planned well and have suppliers you trust, this should just happen! I hope you have an absolute blast!

And if there’s any more advice that you’d like to tap from my fountain of knowledge (!!), please head on over to my Contact page, and shoot me through an enquiry – I’ll do my best to help 😊