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I make the planning of your wedding ceremony stress-free and fun.


  • We start with an official meeting where we complete the first raft of legal paperwork and begin preparations for your wedding ceremony
  • You then go home with your resources – some in hard copy, most in soft copy – and start thinking about what you both want for your ceremony to make it uniquely yours
  • If our first meeting has been a long way out from your wedding day, we may meet up again informally just to touch base and make sure we are all still on the same page
  • Closer to the wedding you send me your choices and I put them together to create a sensational ceremony that is all about YOU!
  • We communicate back and forth by email until the ceremony is exactly as you want it (if I’ve done my job properly, this should be one or two emails at the most!)
  • We set a rehearsal date and time (preferably at the venue) at which time we go through the logistics of the day, you sign the next raft of legal paperwork, and you both double-check the printout of the rest of the paperwork to ensure accuracy for the wedding day
  • An hour before the appointed time, I arrive and set up for the ceremony so that I am well and truly ready to keep the groom/bride calm and relaxed, and to ensure that everything is as we discussed at the rehearsal, and all we need to do is sit back and await the arrival of the bride/groom

With a wealth of ideas and resources at my disposal I carefully guide you through the process to ensure that you end up with a ceremony that is truly reflective of the both of you and includes any elements of your cultural background, religious inclusions, pop-art references, themed, anything really – as long as its legal!!

My ceremonies are never boring because they are all about YOU! You can rest assured that your ceremony will be relaxed and fun (serious in all the right places), entertaining and engaging.

We can do it anywhere, anytime, anyhow – as long as it is in Australia, and its legal LOL!

Weddings – Yvonne Wood Celebrant

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