We're Engaged, Now What? Me and Lulu & Marcel

Now we’re engaged, crikey! We need a celebrant!

Madly search Google, find me, think to yourself – Mmmm, she looks alright (137 five-star reviews don’t lie LOL), and then do the following:

Step 1:

Call or email me for a quick chat about your wedding and to check my availability for your big day.

If you like what you hear, go to Step 2!

Step 2:

We’ll meet for a wine or a coffee (or a chai latte!!) for a free – and obligation-free – chat about you and your ceremony. I even shout the drinks!!

We’ll talk about heaps of stuff and I’ll fill you in what I can do for you! It’s pretty much a “getting to know each other” kind of thing 😊

You go away and think about it (not for long, I hope!) and then …

Step 3:

If you’d like to engage me as your celebrant, we arrange to meet at my home office (preferably) to complete the legal paperwork and start preparations for your ceremony.

We also sign off on the Statement of Fees and you guys pay a Booking and Lodgement Fee to secure your date and for the legal paperwork that has just been undertaken by me.

Step 4:

You then go home and make your choices, based on the extensive resources I provide, and send them back to me within the agreed time frame.

Step 5:

Based on the information you’ve given me – combined with the insights I’ve gained from our cheeky little tete a tete – I’ll draft a highly personalised ceremony that includes your very own love story, and send it through for your review.

You’ll have unlimited email and phone access to me, as well as the option of another meeting, so we can get your ceremony absolutely perfect.

But if I’ve done my job properly, there won’t need to be much to-ing and fro-ing 😊

Step 6:

We’ll meet one more time (more if required) for a rehearsal of your ceremony, preferably at the ceremony venue, approximately one week before your important date.

I LOVE the rehearsal!! It’s a great time to meet your family and the wedding party, and we all become great mates because we are all there for you! On the day we are all YOUR tribe!!!

To that end, I encourage all ceremony participants to be at this rehearsal, so they know exactly what they’re meant to be doing on the big day and to be part of the great vibe!

It seriously is the best fun! Just a great time for everyone to get together in a relaxed and casual atmosphere – it’s the start of the celebrations!! Let the countdown begin!!

Step 7:

On the day, I get to the venue about an hour beforehand and get set up.

This gives me plenty of time to make sure everything is as it should be – as discussed at the rehearsal.

It also gives me time to chat to the groom/bride (whoever is at the venue waiting!) and make sure they are calm and relaxed – well, as much as it is possible to be calm on relaxed on the biggest day of your life LOL

But don’t worry, that’s my job.

If you have chosen well, you will both have absolute trust in me and know that I have your backs at every juncture.

This will inspire you with unbelievable confidence and you will sail into that ceremony with the supreme knowledge that you will both nail it to within an inch of its life! Woohoo – go you!

Step 8:

Let’s do this! “Your Day Your Way”!

Step 9:

I make my way home, sit at my computer, and submit your documentation to Births Deaths and Marriages – as well as order your official marriage certificate to be sent to you within the next couple of weeks.

I then pour myself a glass of wine, put my feet up, relax, and wait for the photos to start flooding FB so I can sit back and rejoice in a beautiful day and a job well done!!!

There you go – easy peasy, lemon squeezy 😊

Any questions? Shoot them through – don’t be afraid to ask. The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask!!!

We’re engaged, now what?? – Written By Yvonne Wood